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Alexander’s Lost Worlds

Reconstructions of Ruined Cities From An Ancient Civilization


David Adams explores the world and its inhabitants, creating documentaries to help share the stories and history he uncovers. In a series co-produced with British Sky Vision, ‘Alexander’s Lost World’ investigates a civilisation that is believed to have populated the ancient course of the Oxus River. The production needed to recreate the great cities and fortresses and called on zero one for this detailed work.

approach and method

zero one worked closely with David Adams and researched a diverse range of cultures and architecture from the era in order to scope out the project. Real-world topographical data was used to place cities in their exact locations and information from both past and recent archaeological surveys was used as the base on which to build the cities.

Ancient architecture was then painstakingly modelled in 3D, textured using real-world surfaces and then rendered, bringing life to civilisations that had until now been lost in time.


The reconstructions of the cities were used throughout the series, enabling the viewer to take a virtual tour of the great fortress cities of the Oxus Civilisation that fell over 2,300 years ago.