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Snotling Fling

Cheeky Game Character Creation and Animation for A Games Workshop Warhammer Title


Local game developer Wicked Witch Software developed a game under license from Games Workshop for their Warhammer franchise. Due to the tight timeline for development of Warhammer: Snotling Fling they approached zero one to create and animate the characters for the game.

approach and method

Many of zero one’s employees are fans of the Warhammer franchise and their passion and knowledge of the characters and the greater world aided in bringing them to life. A number of concept drawings were created for each character and submitted to Wicked Witch and Games Workshop for approval. Once approved, the team then moved on to rigging and animating them.

The Snotling Fling game involves catapulting Snotlings and other Warhammer characters at buildings in an effort to bring down the soldiers guarding them. The variety of characters and their different abilities gave the animators a lot of scope to create animations that were fun, full of character and a little bit cheeky!


All assets were supplied to Wicked Witch for inclusion in the game which was launched on iOS and Android in March 2015 and has done very well on both platforms. Wicked Witch was exceptionally happy with the assets provided by zero one and both companies continue to build their working relationship.