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The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia

The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia


In 2012 Museum Victoria ran a 6-month long exhibition called “The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia”. The exhibition was a window into the culture and innovation of the era. Following the success of “A Day in Pompeii”, zero one was contacted to create a visual experience that would provide an insight into life in ancient Mesopotamia.

approach and method

The zero one team worked closely with the Museum, conducting thorough research before presenting the concept of a journey through the ancient Mesopotamian city of Ur. The sequence was storyboarded, starting in the river port which was key to the city’s success, moving through the gates of the inner city and following ancient priests performing a ritual to the top of the temple. The journey provides different slices of life, from the workers in the port, through the residences of the wealthy to the crown of the people’s culture, religion.

By using world class animation, lighting and detailed rendering zero one was able to bring the city to life. The 90 second fly through was projected onto a 6 Meter x 4 Meter screen and was accompanied by a soundscape and music by local Melbourne musician Andrew Day.


The animation was very well-received and Melbourne Museum presented it for the duration of the exhibition. The exhibition was on loan from the British Museum and the animation now forms part of the exhibition as it travels the world.


Following on from the immensely successful “Day in Pompeii” exhibit, Melbourne Museum again contracted zero one to create animation that captures the look and feel of the ancient city of Ur. Many weeks of research and consultation with expert archaeologists meant that accuracy based on the available knowledge of the area was the foundation of the project.